Monday, June 25, 2007

Kookie Bird Migrated North !!

This is Kookie Bird that migrated north...I think she loves it here.. She immediately took to the roses.. and nestled herself right in...I love her.. and give her a good home for a longtime...The other pictures is Plus Sizes Inchies for the Fiber Art Trader Group...I made 24 and will get 20 back..not sure what I will do with all of them..maybe a collage.. or jewelry of some sort ?? We are going on vacation next week...just going up to our "cabin" at the lake...(it's really the fifth-wheel)
but it will still be fun. Probably go into Spokane 1 day..and go to the casino another day... I need to start knitting Christmas presents... the grandsons need larger slippers...a couple of years ago I made 11 pairs....That's knitting and then felting them.. But I don't think they will ever wear out..Maybe grow out of them..I wear mine all the time.. and still show now wear after 2 1/2 years......Felting is fun..if your a knitter you have to try it...All you need is wool yarn and a top loading washing machine.. and you never quite know how things will turn out... Hopefully when I come back I will have a couple of pairs made.. I have a fishing license now.. so not sure how much knitting I will get done... I have catch at least one Walleye.. I'm out of birds..but if someone else wants to trade I'm willing to make more....or I'll trade anything.. if you have any ideas ???
Well almost anything...nothing I have to clean up after !!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Where Have I been ??

I've really been around.. just not in the blogging mood for some reason.. Oh I love to read the wonderful blogs of other and see all their wonderful creations..but I guess I've been in one of my quiet moods. I traded a bird with Annie and hers to me arrived today..She is beautiful..The sad thing is my camera is up at a picture will have to wait until after the week-end. I sent off my inchie charms..last week..So now I'm looking forward to receiving mine. This week-end I need to finish Words of Wisdon charms for the Fiber Art Trader group on yahoo. I signed up awhile back and just realized they are due July 2 !! I really wish I had my little cactus has a big pink bloom on it. The cactus was my mom' it belongs to me now..I was so thrilled to see a blossom on it. She always said she watered her cactus when she had heard that it rained in Arizona.. So naturally thats what I do too. I was so busy at work last week. I was doing my job and another job. We are expecting the state surveyors to arrive any day now. They stay for 3-4 days and go over the place with a fine tooth comb. In my dept. they want to know who attended what activity..did they enjoy it , how did they respond..etc. It gets tougher and tougher every year to do my job. Not that I don't enjoy my job..but sometimes the expectations by the state inspectors is so great and sometimes unrealistic. I know when I get to be 90 years old.. just leave me alone and let my play with stuff in my the birds...maybe I won't be able to sew.. but I can still feel the fabric..and let the beads roll around in my hands. I try to find things for them to do in their rooms if they want to..many love to play bingo...I will never love to do that !! We recently got a flat screen TV and that is what many like to do..especially the animal planet.. But how the state will look at that I don't know.. they feel the only reason they watch TV is that they are bored..But before they came many of them watched TV and sat in their chairs all day..because they wanted to..Oh I still do fun the last couple of months we have had 2 groups of bikers..I mean big bikers on trikes. and fancy Harley's..they have taken.. some on bike rides that don't walk and needed to lifted on belted down..They loved it... one man cried and said he hadn't been on a bike in 60 years....a lady laughed and flirted so much...she said my family will never believe this... she cried when I gave her 8x10 picture of her and her biker buddy. So they do have the opportunity to do more than bingo and TV..a lot more.. Oh yes I do love my's a great day if I can make just one resident laugh or smile..or have a sweet memory of long ago..