Monday, August 20, 2007

Flower Pounding.. seems I've been gone for awhile..I guess I've just been lazy about blogging..I did have a tooth pulled..and for some reason it was pretty traumatic for me..not that it hurt I just did'nt want to loose a tooth..I know thats pretty stupid in the whole scope of world events..but I just don't want a hole in my mouth.. and I can't really afford to have a implant at 3000.00 dollars...that's just a bit much for one tooth. I could go to Mexico and get one about 300.00 dollars and have a great vacation !! I've been doing a few little artsy things.. I tried my hand at flower pounding and made a couple of pictures.. The one above I'm sending to my granddaughter Lillianna.. and the other is an ATC ...the theme was moon so I made it.."Once in a blue moon"..I'm also working on some Itsy Bitsies for a swap they are
3 by 3..and fun to work on..So far there is 6 other gals in the swap so I will make 2 for each of them..We describe what we like and then we make them for each other .. it should be fun to see what everyone comes up with. The weather was cool here today.. its almost like you an feel fall in the air..Fall is my favorite time of the year..I love the colors of reds..oranges, yellows and even purple in the leaves..Well I need to finish up my project for my granddaughter..I'm making a artsy envelope to put her gift in..
It's a little to big to scan so I will take a pic. and post later..Take care all