Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I got mail !!!

I received three cards.......as you can see each one is special and unique. I have 13 ready to mail out but I'm waiting for clear envelopes. I think they just protects them a little bit more. I will post pictures before I mail them out. I used some of the fabric I made and I think they turned pretty nice. Very busy time at work for me. It's the end of the month and I have the next month activity calendar all planned, printed and ready to go tomottow. Then I make a big calendar for the wall..I mean big..4 feet by 5 feet. It's the focal point when anyone comes in. They like to see whats going on, what activities to attend or what activivites they can attend with their mom or dad. For those that don't know my daytime job is an Activity Professional at a longterm care facility. We try to keep them engaged in meaningful activities. Which at times is very challenging to say the least. But I have done this kind of work for about almost 25 years..and I love working with the elders. If I can bring just 1 smile to just 1 person lost in dementia it makes my whole day. Sometimes you can see that little sparkle in their eyes and you know they are remembering...something..sometime..somewhere or someone. Time to get busy and try and create something......

Saturday, January 27, 2007

I made some fabric today...

The pink one is made from muslin and then I wet it down and painted it..with acrylique paints..my first attempt at this..I will probably use as background on a journal page or on postcards. The red one is bits and pieces of ribbon, wool, silk flowers, angleina etc. put between 2 pieces of washaway solvy..and I have an orignial piece. It is already cut-up and ready to be sewn down on postcards for swap for art2mail. I will post a picture when done with them. Hopefully I will be able to finish them tonight and I still have many other UFO'S in the works. It was nice and sunny today..but still very cold. Well thats all for now I need to get busy and get something completed. I spend too much time reading blogs..looking at pictures on the internet.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

My First Valentine...

Here is picture of where we camp

I received this card in the mail today..its from Joy in Burke, VA. The picture doesn't do it justice.
It came through the mail great too. Sometimes you just never know what happens to things. I received one that looked like a truck had run over it and some that never make it to their distination I bet someone has a collection somewhere. Thank God its Friday tomorrow..Time to be creative..(a little house cleaning first) and cooking supper for me and hubby. Most of the snow is finally gone. I do long for more sun and spring to arrive..I know it's a long way off..But I look forward to going camping again..We did camp for Thanksgiving and cooked the turkey in BBQ. My daughter and hubby came over from the Seattle area, we had a good time. Time go read some blogs..

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

We had sun shine today...

Wow I almost forgot what the sun looked like..I haven't been very productive this week. Just coming home from work and the usual. I have started a little fiber art doll..but she has given me some trouble..so I will start over with her. She is so small I can't seem to get her turned right side out. I guess I need tiny hemostats or something like that..But I will keep trying. I plan to be very productive this week-end.. I have to..I have 13 postcards to make, at least 1 altered cigar box, the fiber art doll, and I have to start a challenge project for Quilting Arts Magazine
Plus the usual week-end stuff... cleaning, shopping..etc. At least I have Friday-Sunday. Well time to go relax...vegetate...and think creative thoughts and of course knit...

Monday, January 22, 2007

Cards received today....

Busy day at work today..but then when isn't it busy ? I'm working on a decorating project in addition to my normal daily duties. Someone has donated some money to redecorate the resident dining room. So I'm picking out new flooring, tables and chairs as well as paint. So it's quite a project and of course we all want it done today. I'm posting some pics. of post cards I received today. They are so much prettier in person. So if your in the neighborhood please stop by. If you into fiber art check this out this one of the groups I'm in and we have a lot of fun and get trade to fiber art.http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FiberArtTraders

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Here's the bread..

Here's the bread...the rye is on the top..I think it was too sticky and then didn't bake quite long enough. The whole wheat feels right though. We won't know until we cut into it. I also think the pan was too big for the rye bread, 4-6 quart if just right. I wasn't very productive today....but there's always tomorrow....

I've been busy..just puttering around with stuff

This is a little violin I picked up at junk store for 2 bucks..I think in it's formal life it was a
Christmas ornament..I'm altering it..Not sure what I will do with it..but if anybody likes its I will have a drawing and mail it to you..Jusy mention that in a post.

Here are a few pictures of what I've been doing.. I had planned to work on postcards..but other things distracted me. I made the bread yesterday..It's super easy and is the best bread ever. It has hard crusty crust.. and very earthy flavor. It take 20 hours to rasie.I still need to work on postcards and do some mending for John(hubby)..so I guess this is all for now...I will post pics. of bread when done.. Here is link to the bread recipe.http://fibermania.blogspot.com/2006/11/recipe-no-knead-bread-3-cups-all.html

Friday, January 19, 2007

Not to much to do so I went dancing...

Check me out here http://www.dancesisterdance.com/myvid/index.php?v=8568061ea0298

Not sure I did this right..but if you make it there it's a hoot. Be sure and try it for yourself...
Well I went to jury duty and was only there about 1 hour..they dismissed all 3 cases. But I still make a huge sum of money...$10.00...plus mileage..wow..what will I do with it all ? Spend it fiber art stuff of course. I have a couple of projects planned for tomorrow. First to a trip rubberstamp store and then going to work on postcards for the swap, try to alter a CD and then work on an altered book. While I'm relaxing watch TV I'm knitting a scarf. I will show progress pictures tomorrow.. My camera batteries were dead as well as the back-up ones. So I guess I will sign-off. You all take care and talk at you tomorrow....

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jury Duty..

Well I just called the jury hotline..so to speak.. and I have to report for jury duty tomorrow morning..They said to bring a book or some handywork. I'm knitting on some socks..but I will probably need more than that. Besides I'm using size 1 needles and it's like knitting with toothpicks. So I have to get someting together to take along and find something to read. So I can't linger much longer online tonight. On the bright side it might be nice to sit and read & knit all day. Well I don't suppose if I have to sit on a jury they will alow me to knit, but I can try enjoy myself while I'm waiting. Well you all take care and talk to you tomorrow night.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New postcards received

green from Kim in New York

purple from Marylee in California
red from Jo in Florida

I received 3 postcards in the mail today..They are from a new group that I joined..its a branch of the art2mail group. the one I'm in is called artcards22. I have sent off the 8, the funky ones of me being the Queen of Everything. I still have a dozen or so to make. But here it is 8:30 and I haven't done much but read blogs and do my own. I still have to go to work..in the morning. A friend at work is leaving and going to another job.. I will miss her but we will keep in touch.(right Lee?)I keep thinking just a few more years and I can retire and spend my day..blogging..fiberarting...(is that a word ?), quilting.etc...I never thought I would look forward to getting old. Well going to post the pictures of the postcarrds. Thats all for now folks...

Monday, January 15, 2007

Time for flowers this has cold to go...brrrrr

Camellia Spider Mum

The weather was very cold here today. My office has lots of windows and cold just seems to seep through. I told someone that if stuck my tongue on the wall it would stick to the wall. They just looked at me...with the look that says.. "she is crazy". My hubby brought me home 5 cigar boxes today that he got at the local smoke shop. I was so excited about..you would have thought I got a new fur coat or something. The FiberArtTrader group I'm in is going to trade altered boxes..so now I can participate. Since there are no real stores other than Walmart around I was worried that I would'nt find the right thing. We do have a wonderful fabric store just 5 miles away, but they don't carry everything that a gal could want. Although they do have three rooms full of beautiful yarns and three rooms full of quality quilting fabric and all the goodies to go with it. I'm posting a picture of two flowers that I knitted and felted. One is a Camellia and the other Spider Mum. The mum needs to be tacked down to a purse so all the little spider legs look right. The pattern is from Noni Designshttp://nonipatterns.com/. She has really wonderful patterns and is so nice. She answered my email very quickly(like 45 minutes) to help me understand the pattern better. I would probably make the spider mum in pastel colors next time. The large flower will probably go on a purse. Well thats all for this eve..Take care everyone..

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Me again...

I made 8 of these postcards for another postcard swap..Its a big group so I still have 13 more to make..but we have 4 months to make them in..I hope they like them..take care all...

Opps..I posted the same pic.. now what do I do.. Oh welll

There will most likely be many more goofs like that one !! Hey I fixed it...

Journal Page..

Another journal page...can you guess the word I'm trying to say ?? (2 words really )

Soft trees

These are made from a pattern by littlebird.They ar called soft trees.. quick and fun to make.

Magic Card Holders

These are Quilting Arts Magazine Designed by Normajean Brevik she is the list mom of the the Fiber Art Traders group at Yahoo I'm in..They ar card holders..I made these for friends at work and then made them business cards too.. What fun..

I'm back...

Well its been a few months since my last blog...I get too busy reading other blogs..but I'll try this again.. I post post some pictures of lastest projects I've completed since last time. If I can the pictures that is...