Monday, January 28, 2008

Crow--Keeper of the Scared Law

Well now I'm addicted to these much fun to make and each one has it's personality... This one seemed to want to be more spiritual than the first one...he wanted a cross on his wing..I'm looking forward to making more....but how many crows do I need ? I need to find just the right to display them... I have an old Native American hand woven doll that was made for me when I was 10 years was made by and elderly Indian lady from the Tulalip tribe near Marysville,WA.. she told me her father had been a chief of the tribe when she was a little girl. She was in her 70's then and that was 50 years ago...anyway.. I also have a basket that someone else in the tribe made for my maybe that would be a good spot.. I'll have to dig them out and show a picture here..Well almost time to hit the sack and I still have laundry to do....Take care all....

Sunday, January 27, 2008

More Snow....but time ...time to sew!!

I got busy and cleaned up my studio....and that gave me inspiration to make a crow doll from the November/December Cloth Paper Scissors I love how he turned out.. now I can't wait to make more..It would be fun to find other artsy folks that would like to make a trade. I used the pattern in the magazine and enlarged it 160%. It is about 10" by 5". I went through my yarn stash and yanked off various pieces and ended up with three gallon zip lock bags full I have lots of fiber at my finger tips for more crows and other projects. DH even went out to wal-mart to buy more black felt for me..then I had to call him to pick-up some orange for the feet and beak.

We got 2 new cookbooks last week from Amazon (thanks to a gift certificate from son & daughter-in-law).

Both are great books....Today from the vegie book I made a Beet,orange & fennel salad that is marinating..That will go with a lemon chicken orzo soup by Ellie. Last night I made a spinach dish that took carmalized onions,spinach, garlic and tomatoes topped with yogurt and pine nuts It so yummy..These are best cookbook by far that we have used.
Well I have more crows calling my name. CAW...CAW..

Friday, January 25, 2008

It's been way too long...

I decided to come out of hiding...well not really hiding I've just been busy..and haven't taken the time to blog..I'm still on the computor and reading others blogs..I guess that's why I can't keep up mine !! I made these Itty Bitties for a yahoo group I'm in here they are tiny works of art 3x3...we all said what our favorite etc. then we make two for each other.. It was alot of fun...These are pictures of the ones that I have made....I also made some homemade curlers for my daughter and can see them here . Now it's time to start working on Valentine and an ATC trade... Hubby and I are also on a diet...he has lost 8lbs. and I have lost 12...all since January 2nd. We got ourselves a treadmill for Christmas...and we both have been pretty good about getting on it. We have snow on the ground and its been there since Jan. 1 or earlier and I'm sick of's 8 degrees right now...Spring is just too far away. We can't to start camping again..We did camp over the long New Year weekend.. but it was so 10 degrees..and it was hard to keep the fifth wheel warm. We had to keep the water dripping and even then it still froze up for a little while...So spring needs to come .....Well that's all for now.....