Monday, September 17, 2007

Where the heck have I've been ??

I''ve been busy doing stuff
not really artsy stuff though...
We've been camping
every and just relaxing...Now that fall is is the air..I just love it more Although I do some artsy stuff while there.. That's where I worked on these art dolls for a swap. The other thing I made was a felted purse. I forgot to take a before picture. If you've never felted it's a lot of fun ,you knit with 100% wool..and usually use big needles..sometime 2 yarns held together..It comes out huge.. but then when you throw it in the washer with hot water.. and carefully watch it felts down to about 1/2 to 2/3 of the orignal size and you no longer see the stiches. This one is about 10 inches I think it was about 18inches before felting.
It's really a very pretty shade of red..kind of a barn red with variations throughout it.. Tomorrow I leave for MT. Vernon, WA to attend an Activities Professional Conf. I will be there through Friday...So I probably won't be back on until..unless they have interent access in my hotel room..So you all take care until then..

Monday, August 20, 2007

Flower Pounding.. seems I've been gone for awhile..I guess I've just been lazy about blogging..I did have a tooth pulled..and for some reason it was pretty traumatic for me..not that it hurt I just did'nt want to loose a tooth..I know thats pretty stupid in the whole scope of world events..but I just don't want a hole in my mouth.. and I can't really afford to have a implant at 3000.00 dollars...that's just a bit much for one tooth. I could go to Mexico and get one about 300.00 dollars and have a great vacation !! I've been doing a few little artsy things.. I tried my hand at flower pounding and made a couple of pictures.. The one above I'm sending to my granddaughter Lillianna.. and the other is an ATC ...the theme was moon so I made it.."Once in a blue moon"..I'm also working on some Itsy Bitsies for a swap they are
3 by 3..and fun to work on..So far there is 6 other gals in the swap so I will make 2 for each of them..We describe what we like and then we make them for each other .. it should be fun to see what everyone comes up with. The weather was cool here today.. its almost like you an feel fall in the air..Fall is my favorite time of the year..I love the colors of reds..oranges, yellows and even purple in the leaves..Well I need to finish up my project for my granddaughter..I'm making a artsy envelope to put her gift in..
It's a little to big to scan so I will take a pic. and post later..Take care all

Monday, July 30, 2007

Pictures..from the weekend

These are goldfinches..Washington State Bird...the little one at the top is a baby bird that the parents were trying to teach to eat from the sock feeder.. they were so cute.. the little birds would cheep.."we can't do it mommy"..but finally they were able to land on the feeder and eat..

..check out the huge bumble bee in the sunflowers...
Here are the birdys that I will get in the mail in the next few days....I hope you all will like them !
These are the flowers in our yard where we camp. We have a rock year I want to plant flowers on the top part and have them hang down..and do the same on the lower level..

The weather was so nice this week-end not too hot...We went swimming and took the dogs with us. They like to get in the water too.. I'm working on a project from the latest Cloth,Paper, Scissors magazine , its the Triptych Challenge. You take 3 images and alter them, paint them etc. I have one done..maybe 2 not sure I like the second one..I will post a picture when I get them completed. It definitely is a challenge for me..Time for me to get my birdys packaged up and ready for the mail...Take care

Friday, July 27, 2007

Birds will be in the mail soon !!

Well I finished all the birdys last week-end...but I left my camera chip up at the I couldn't show any hopefully it wasn't too hot in the camper and it will still work. I have been so busy this week.. It's been very stressful. The state inspectors spent four days at the nursing home where I work. They look at everything, go through all the paper work that we all do, talk to the residents, talk to families, staff...and then write it all and tell us where we went wrong.Well we did great !!They found very little that they could write us up for...resident care was great, the food was great, the place very clean and of course my Activity Dept. was perfect !! The only things they found were ... some chipped paint here and there on the furniture.. They said it's not home like..well I can't imagine many homes without some chip paint somewhere..they even measure it..All in all it was a great survey and I'm glad it's all over with for another year. !! I will post pictures when we get back from camping of the birds and then get them in the mail to everyone..Now I'm off to work to finish up a few things...

Monday, July 16, 2007

And the Winner is..............Everyone !!!

I don't want anyone to go away sad... so I decided to make a little birdy for everyone !!! I only have 2 completed right now.. but I have a few more in the works.. so this week-end while we are camping I will finish the rest of them....So.....if you left a comment please email me with your address and I get them out to you as soon as a bird will be in the mail for : Beate, Melinda, Suz , Stegart, Sunni ,Beth, Angie

So watch the skies for little birdys to winging their way to YOU...just my way of saying thanks for looking at my blog..and I get so inspired by reading each of yours...everyone has such special talents..I've learned so much by reading other blogs..I can't wait to see what everyone has done...We are all so beautiful and talented !!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Time to clean-up my act....

These are before and after pictures of my sewing/art studio room...Is it no wonder I wasn't feeling creative ??
If you'll notice even the dogs have no ambition..but it is over 100 degrees again today...But fairly cool in the house so I went to work organizing my space..Now I won't want to make a mess..haha Part of my problem is I try to load up so many things to take camping with me..I never really know what it is I'm going to work on.. you know..what mood your in.. to sew( I have 2 sewing machines in the 5th-wheel), knit, bead or make some paper, altered art...or heck just go fishing.. So a girl has to be prepared for it all !! Then when we lug it all in,, I don't usually get it all put away...So my goal is to take fewer things with me.. and try and really plan what it is I'm going to do.
Remember tomorrow is the last day to sign-up for a birdy....I will draw tomorrow nite... Off to bed for now... as you can see it was a very busy day for me.. Take all

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Great Artsy Stuff in the Mail !!!

I'm not to good at placing these pictures......but to the right are the plus sized inchies..that I have received so far in trade from Fiber Art Traders (FAT). They are plus sized..1 1/2 sq.
Below is a great little package I received from Melinda, we traded beaded birds..and she sent along some extra goodies..Isn't the ATC great.. and I can't wait to try huge playing cards

Here is recent ATC I's up for trade.. if anyone is interested..It's fabric and paper...

Finally the birds to the far right are the ones for the giveaway...So sign-up I will draw names next Monday..
Well it's time to start some supper here... really to hot to eat.. but over the week-end I cooked rice and some chicken breasts so I going to make Chicken Curry Salad...Something nice and cool and no cooking..It's very hot here today.. in the 100's...and going to be hotter tomorrow.. Thank God I work indoors...Take care all....

Monday, July 09, 2007

Free Birdy !!!!!!

I received all sorts of goodies in the mail and of course all the batteries are dead for the camera. But I was able to scan a collage I made while on vacation...We were gone for a week and came home on Sunday...It was so nice at the lake..very hot. but nice and relaxing.. This is my second collage I have made recently and I like the way it turned out and her story. After I added her picture she just seemed to tell me what she had to say...and then I found the words in a book about him.... he had been President of the Bird Club.. perhaps it was him than answered all along ??? Tell me what you think....If you are reading this..why not leave a comment.. If you do.. you might be the one whose name is drawn for a birdy !! So........ leave a comment and I will add you to the drawing...I will post more pictures tomorrow night.. I got some great things !!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

We are camping.....

Well her we are at the lake..and having a good time. I caught a huge carp..about 20lbs.. of course no camera with us to take a picture...No one around here eats them..but I went on line and they don't sound too bad. He was fun to catch though...had my little pole bent way over..It's great to have wi-fi here... We never expected it..sometimes it works and sometimes it don't but hey its better than we have before.. I'm adding couple of is of Oscar.. we are on the ferry crossing Lake Roosevelt...and the sky picture is what I saw as we were leaving the lake area..can you see the dove? Well that's all for now... Artsy things I've done is just a little knitted makeup bag..I hope to paint some later..I did pick-up a big stack of sheet music at a antique store..most is hand written and kind of neat..

Monday, June 25, 2007

Kookie Bird Migrated North !!

This is Kookie Bird that migrated north...I think she loves it here.. She immediately took to the roses.. and nestled herself right in...I love her.. and give her a good home for a longtime...The other pictures is Plus Sizes Inchies for the Fiber Art Trader Group...I made 24 and will get 20 back..not sure what I will do with all of them..maybe a collage.. or jewelry of some sort ?? We are going on vacation next week...just going up to our "cabin" at the lake...(it's really the fifth-wheel)
but it will still be fun. Probably go into Spokane 1 day..and go to the casino another day... I need to start knitting Christmas presents... the grandsons need larger slippers...a couple of years ago I made 11 pairs....That's knitting and then felting them.. But I don't think they will ever wear out..Maybe grow out of them..I wear mine all the time.. and still show now wear after 2 1/2 years......Felting is fun..if your a knitter you have to try it...All you need is wool yarn and a top loading washing machine.. and you never quite know how things will turn out... Hopefully when I come back I will have a couple of pairs made.. I have a fishing license now.. so not sure how much knitting I will get done... I have catch at least one Walleye.. I'm out of birds..but if someone else wants to trade I'm willing to make more....or I'll trade anything.. if you have any ideas ???
Well almost anything...nothing I have to clean up after !!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Where Have I been ??

I've really been around.. just not in the blogging mood for some reason.. Oh I love to read the wonderful blogs of other and see all their wonderful creations..but I guess I've been in one of my quiet moods. I traded a bird with Annie and hers to me arrived today..She is beautiful..The sad thing is my camera is up at a picture will have to wait until after the week-end. I sent off my inchie charms..last week..So now I'm looking forward to receiving mine. This week-end I need to finish Words of Wisdon charms for the Fiber Art Trader group on yahoo. I signed up awhile back and just realized they are due July 2 !! I really wish I had my little cactus has a big pink bloom on it. The cactus was my mom' it belongs to me now..I was so thrilled to see a blossom on it. She always said she watered her cactus when she had heard that it rained in Arizona.. So naturally thats what I do too. I was so busy at work last week. I was doing my job and another job. We are expecting the state surveyors to arrive any day now. They stay for 3-4 days and go over the place with a fine tooth comb. In my dept. they want to know who attended what activity..did they enjoy it , how did they respond..etc. It gets tougher and tougher every year to do my job. Not that I don't enjoy my job..but sometimes the expectations by the state inspectors is so great and sometimes unrealistic. I know when I get to be 90 years old.. just leave me alone and let my play with stuff in my the birds...maybe I won't be able to sew.. but I can still feel the fabric..and let the beads roll around in my hands. I try to find things for them to do in their rooms if they want to..many love to play bingo...I will never love to do that !! We recently got a flat screen TV and that is what many like to do..especially the animal planet.. But how the state will look at that I don't know.. they feel the only reason they watch TV is that they are bored..But before they came many of them watched TV and sat in their chairs all day..because they wanted to..Oh I still do fun the last couple of months we have had 2 groups of bikers..I mean big bikers on trikes. and fancy Harley's..they have taken.. some on bike rides that don't walk and needed to lifted on belted down..They loved it... one man cried and said he hadn't been on a bike in 60 years....a lady laughed and flirted so much...she said my family will never believe this... she cried when I gave her 8x10 picture of her and her biker buddy. So they do have the opportunity to do more than bingo and TV..a lot more.. Oh yes I do love my's a great day if I can make just one resident laugh or smile..or have a sweet memory of long ago..

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Beautiful Hot Day here and still have birds for trade..

I was just checking in and saw that one of my birdies flew away so I will try and get her to come back..Nope all I get is an error.. so I will try and load it later..if you want to trade a bird let me know..I also finished some more charms..I followed the directions from the most recent Cloth, Paper Scissors in an article by Ruth Rae and here are the pictures....this is really weird tonight.. I already typed this and posted it.. came back to add pictures and all the stuff just vansished.. so sorry if I'm repeating myself..I really have to get busy and do some housecleaning. I was going to save it all for the week-end..Hubby was going to work on he's not and we're are going to the lake on the week-end now I have to get it all done tonight and tomorrow night. Cuz don't you know I have to get all my art projects planned and take my goodies with..I'll save that for Friday am... Take care all...

Monday, May 28, 2007

More Birdies Found !!

We spent a great long-week-end camping..The weiner dogs enjoy themselves even if they have to spend time in their pen. Oscar loves to sun bathe, thats him on his back. It was so nice to sit in the sun..walk on the beach and of course make some birdies..These are so much fun to make !! I gave one to the lady that owns the campground where we go. I had needed a can of stewed tomatoes and she did'nt have any in the store so she gave me a jar of her home canned ones. I had forgotten how good they are. As you can see I named each of lthe birdys...the last one was made from Kaffe Fassett fabric..hence the name Kaffeebirdy..and of course the polkadot fabric equals Dotteebirdy. So if you see one you want to trade for let me know..Bimbimbie wanted to trade for one of her if anyone else is a bird lover let me know !!..I'm still making them too. I'm going to branch out this week-end and try somethings from the newest Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine...Did I mention that I'm in it ??? Well only a letter to the editor..but name is there !! Well have to go unpack and do laundry..take everyone..

Blue Birdy

Monday, May 21, 2007

In Vancouver,WA

Here is a picture of Multnomah Falls in's the 2nd highest year-around falls in the nation. It was raining and overcast..but if you click on the picture you will see how beautiful it really is. We took out time driving down and made a few at Catherine's and one at Michaels.craft store.. I found a new eyelet maker so now all I need a hammer and I can go to work..But I probably shouldn't do that in the hotel room I guess. We had a great supper at Olive Garden and now I'm ready to crash. I'll try and post tomorrow night.. You all take care...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I'm back....

Well..I guess I've been gone for awhile..I have been doing a few things..I went outside today and found these little birdies in the honeysuckle bush...I even managed to get a close up of the little yellow one...I believe he is a rare breed !! We went camping this week-end and I thought I had taken all the supplies I would need with me..however I had left my inchies and embroidery floss at home. So I couldn't work on inchies or my alternative project ATC's. So I invented these little birdies..I saw some like it over at Bimbimbie's so I guess I really didn't invent them. She put a cute little Dotee face on hers. They were really fun to make. I have more cut-out and ready to embellish. I'm going to Vancouver, WA this week to a conference for work. So I'm taking the birdies with me and the inches(which by the way I found at the bottom of my bag when packing up) so I could have worked on them. But each project is small enough to tuck in my purse in case I get bored. The inches are for a charm swap in a Yahoo group. I still need to add a eyelet. My eyelets are not turning out well. They are rough on the back..does anyone know if there is any that have 2 pieces and are smooth on the back. I only have Walmart to look for things and they have none.. But maybe on the way to Vancouver I can a craft or fabric store.
So I guess I'd better go pack up..and get my stuff together..I'll be back on Thursday..hmmm I have a laptop now.....maybe I will just take it with me...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Finally..back to my blog..

I've been away from my blog for a few days...I made this purse over the week-end and finished it up tonight. It's for a friends birthday tomorrow. I hope she likes it. It was fun to make..once I got the whole creative juices flowing again. I wanted something kind of shabby chic..yet a little on the risque side.. I usually knit purses and then felt them..I have made quite a about 10 .. so I wanted something a little different. I recently went to Nellie's Needles she has a great blog with lots of tutorials..I just love her small art quilts that she makes..check out her crinkle quilts under the labels on the right side. They are so neat.. I haven't been to all her archives yet.. but the ones I have been too give me inspiration. Well this will be short and sweet tonight. Time to get comfortable and watch American Idol...take care all

Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Dotee's Arrived..

Here are the Dotee ATC I received ....Left to Right....made by: Elizabeth Atkinson from West Melton Victoria, Australia, Dorian Gery from Belconnen, Australia and an original Dot herself in Frankston, aren't I one of the lucky ones.. each one is so special... These are the Dotee Dolls...left to right..Beth Deegan(with the wild hair), and another work of art from Elizabeth Atkinson and the little baby, from Norma Bullon, Australia. I give each one a very good home...
I don't have blog sites for all of them..hopefully I will be able to find them all if they have blogs.
We went camping again this week-end and I just relaxed.. I knitted on my forever socks..and I'm at the heel maybe.. I can get them done in a couple of weeks..
I just wasn't in the mood to be creative..I guess you could say I had the blues.. Not sure why..sometimes they just come over me.. and I want to just cover my head. I walked around the campground hoping that would help...but it didn't..I really need to focus on eating healthy,walking and all that goes with a more healthy lifestyle. Why is it..that what I put in my mouth is one of the only things I...myself can personally control..but yet I don't do it? I must find another way to deal with stress, depression, loneliness's...I have talked about doing a journal..maybe that would help me? If we go camping next week-end I want to walk in the hills..they wild flowers are blooming..and I want to take pictures and post..they are so pretty. We also need to plant flowers and work in our little yard at the campground. Well I have rambled on enough..

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Here's my no calorie cupcake !!!!!!!

Felted postcard from Beate

I finished my no calorie cupcake...and it has chocolate frosting of course !! It was fun to first I had a hard time with only 6 stitches on double points..but it all comes back to you. Now I want to make would such a fun thing for little gifts..It would be a fun thing for a trade too.. I signed up for two is for faric charms no bigger than 1 1/2 inches..they must have a gromet and jump ring attached. I think I need to make 21..and then another doll trade and I'm not sure when that is due. I have been wanting to make some charms or inchies as I have heard them called so I'm looking forward to this trade. I found a great tutorial for them here
at Sue Bleiweiss's Blog. She has some other tutorials as well. In the mail today I received this great postcard from Beate. I won it in her Blogversary Draw...(actually we all won one) isn't that great..My picture of it doesn't do it justice. I love to look at her work..when I first started postcards her work was very inspirational to me and it still is !! Thanks Beate....

Sunday, April 15, 2007

It was a beautiful day here...

I finished my bag will be a purse..I also got the quilt top done.. well almost done. I need to put on a border..I have so much fabric of every etc.. but no black for a border. So now it have to wait until I can get to the Fabric shop...I don't do Walmart fabric...for quilts. We worked out in the yard this morning. Pulled some weeds and planted some flowers. Then I sat outside and knitted in the sun..ahhh it felt so good.
I started a knittted cupcake mine will be white with chocolate frosting. I wanted white cake and pink icing..But in 3 large totes of yarn..I have no yellow hmm no pastels at all. But what I have will have to do. I'm in that if I don't have it... I don't need it phase. I was looking through my stuff and found about 8 quilt tops that are finished but not put together with batting and backing..and then quilted. So I will start on those..and of course still do some ATC's, postcards and other fiber art stuff and of course my funky flowers...(hmm that might mean buying some stuff at the hardware store).. but that's not sewing stuff.. does that count ? I guess I did go to the thrift store and buy sewing stuff...But I was helping them out.. it's a Sr. Center.. they need me.

Well time to go knit and finish the laundry.... Here's my bag.....

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Some new old stuff.....

We went to a thrift store today in Moses has lots of cool stuff and the prices are great... I picked up a few things...a package of old transfers for tea towels "Mexican Motif"..not sure why I got them..but for 2o cents....I thought someone might want them...and lots and lots of packages of flower petals....I can use them on postcards, ATC's and I'm thinking of making a purse of some sorts using them and perhaps putting them under some tulle and stitiching all over it... this book...

Here is a close up of the "The Complete Book of Sewing" by Contance Talbot..1943..1st addition.
It has all sorts of project ideas..even a pet are my pets...

Oscar and Peanut...they are looking out the window of our 5th wheel.. I kind of funked the picture out.
It's cold and dreary here today..a great day to stay inside and sew...I'm working on a small tote bag ..from some vintage type fabric with kids and hula hoops..I would like to try and put a quilt together this week-end. I 've had the blocks completed for a year now..I just like smaller projects now..but this will be a beautiful quilt if I ever get it done..So now I will clean up my sewing/painting/beading.blogging area and try get this quilt on the design wall(fancy name for flannel thumb tacked to the wall) and get a picture of it posted tomorrow eve...Now that's my goal..but who knows what could happen. At least I will get the tote bag done...

Friday, April 06, 2007

My funky garden flower...

Well here it is Friday already...time does is picture of my funky garden flower I made last night at Laura's Art Garden in Ephrata, WA. Thats the same place I took the class for the mosaic mirror. The moose in the yard was made by our neighbor Dave..our cat had been run over..(hit and run) and I was so when I came home from work one day he had made us this moose..kind of a sympathy gift.

Here is a close up of the flower...It's made from recycle tins..youknow the big ones you get popcorn and stuff in..some metal mesh..flashing.. nuts and washers..and a threaded rod.. and beads...We even got to use power tools..(well one ..a drill) So now I will be begging all my friends for their old popcorn tins..
We are heading out camping later this's supposed to be a beautiful week-end. It will be good to just relax. I would have been nice to have the family all get together for Easter..but it's just not possible. My grand kids all live in would fun to have them all here..(their mom & dad (son) too). My daughter and her husband live about 175 miles away. John(my DH) has 4 daughters and 10 grand kids.. some day it would wild to get everyone together. They live all over.. from Mass. to Texas
At the nursing home where I work, the residents have been working all week to fill 3500 Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt sponsored my the nursing home and the local fire dept. They have had so much fun doing it..and eating the candy..
I don't think I'm going to pack all my artsy stuff to take camping.. Maybe just my sketch book,water colors etc. Sit outside and just relax.. You all take care and have blessed Easter.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

New art to show....

I finally tired to make the Tyvek beads...first I painted the tyvek..let it dry and then cut with my rotary cutter into long triangle strips..wrapped around bamboo skewers..then I wrapped wire around , then added beads to wire for one of them. Sorry the pictures aren't better..I think they would be great to use on a mini art quilt or on a journal quilt page..

Next I made a couple more ATC's ... I love making these little things...and I love the little birds on them. Next time I will try paper as Dotee said that she uses. The next one is 3-D of sorts butterfly. Well that's about all I did today...we went for a drive and I made supper..So now it's time to relax..maybe work on my socks that I have been knitting for months. I will never use size 1 needles again..I like at least 2's or 4's. I'll post a pic. when I'm done..but don't hold your breath..I have one sock complete and almost ready to do the heel on the 2nd one. I open to trade for these ATC's if anyone is interested.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Look What I made !!!!

Well after a four week class I finished my mosaic mirror. The tiles were made yours truly.. It's about 22x22. All of it was great fun until it came for grouting. I was almost ready to give up. I never thought I would ever get the grout all off of the tiles. Our teacher said we were her best class ever...(out of two classes)..but the night we grouted we were all big whinners. But in the end it was worth it all.
Thats about all the artsy stuff I have done this week. When it's the end of the month I have so much to do at work, getting ready for the next month. I'm also still working on the dining room project and now I have taken on the new tub room project. Why can't I just say NO ? Today was a stay at home day and clean are two people be so messy? Tomorrow and the rest of today..I will start some project. Not sure what it will be yet.. I will have to see what moves me...or what my muse might inspire me what to do. Right now the artfest is going on in Port Townsend..oh how I wish I were there.. Maybe next year.. but I'd better start saving now...
Now it's time to throw things in the dryer and start another load..It was nice and sunny is getting cold and the dark coulds are coming. I was out reading famous quotes on the is one I will leave you with by Kahlil Gibran."Yesterday is but today's memory, tomorrow is today's dream" so dream on my firends...

Monday, March 26, 2007

New ATC's anybody want to trade ??

Well we went camping this week-end and I got to work on my ATC's..I was able to finish 5 of them. These are my really my first ones, beside the Dotee ones I made. I really enjoy doing them. I think it's all the hand work on them. Now I want to learn more embroidery stitches. I might think about doing a fabric journal just with embroidery stitiches in it.
I'm also working a little bundle of gifts for Dotee
I know it's a lot of work to organize a trade so I'm just sending a little something..from my stash of treasures. Well time to go relax a little bit.. Take care all..Thanks for your comments.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My New Muse Art Doll

Here is the my Geisha Muse Doll...I liked my other one so much I decided to make another doll..she wanted to be a Geisha..I'm going to trade I have to keep my first one. I have so little of the art thatI do.. I send it all off for trades or gifts. I think my next project will some Tyvek beads...I have never used Tyvek before so it should be fun..I'm also going to make some ATC with an Easter theme..eggs...spring..cross etc. I think they would make nice little gifts. They are so much fun to make..I would like to learn more beading and stitching so I think that will be a god way to learn little tiny stiches.
I'm glad tomorrow is Thursday..its been a long week. You take care...and remember "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." Picasso

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A day of Art....

Well this is what I worked on today. She is my muse art doll. I love the way she turned out..and she just happened..I looked at my fabric stash..and this red caught my eye first. I wasn't going to give her a face, but now I'm glad I did. I gave her long eye lashes too, something I sure don't have. I made her for trade ..but I now I'm not sure I want to part with her..I have until Tuesday to decide.

The other thing I did today was finish my Bride of Dotee Doll.. she will be leaving with her friends for Australia tomorrow if I can make it to the post office.

It was a beautiful day the 70's..I went outside to do some of stitching the sun felt so good, the warmth was healing and stitching relaxing. Art is truly good for the soul and mind. I spent a lot of time reading blogs this morning..Its just unbelievable the talented people there in this world. They so inspire me to step and think outside the box. Thanks for visiting me today...Your comments are appreciated.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Well,,Happy St. Paddy's Day to everyone...We had sunshine here was still a little chilly..but still...the sun was out !! My brother called from Salome, AZ and it was 100 there yesterday..ahh that would feel so good for a couple of days.
I actually got quite a bit accomplished today. We went to town to take care of some errands. Then came home and done that homey stuff of laundry, cleaning etc. Then ran over to a friends house for a little party for her 4 year old grandson. Then back home and hubby put on a New England boiled dinner to cook..We had it for supper it was so good.. Corned beef, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, beats and onions. Then tomorrow he will make red flannel hash. I'd never had it before he came into my life, he's from Vermont..hence the name New England Boiled Dinner. I did have time to work on a few things.. Here is the collage of my parents..I think for my first try it turned pretty good.. What do you think ?? Click on it for a bigger picture..

Here are the Dotee ATC's that will be in the mail to Victoria, Australia on Monday.
I made another Dotee Doll but my camera's battries are dead... and of course I forgot to charge the extra ones... so now at least I have something to post tomorrow...I think it's time to go soak in the jacuzzi tub..