Monday, July 30, 2007

Pictures..from the weekend

These are goldfinches..Washington State Bird...the little one at the top is a baby bird that the parents were trying to teach to eat from the sock feeder.. they were so cute.. the little birds would cheep.."we can't do it mommy"..but finally they were able to land on the feeder and eat..

..check out the huge bumble bee in the sunflowers...
Here are the birdys that I will get in the mail in the next few days....I hope you all will like them !
These are the flowers in our yard where we camp. We have a rock year I want to plant flowers on the top part and have them hang down..and do the same on the lower level..

The weather was so nice this week-end not too hot...We went swimming and took the dogs with us. They like to get in the water too.. I'm working on a project from the latest Cloth,Paper, Scissors magazine , its the Triptych Challenge. You take 3 images and alter them, paint them etc. I have one done..maybe 2 not sure I like the second one..I will post a picture when I get them completed. It definitely is a challenge for me..Time for me to get my birdys packaged up and ready for the mail...Take care

Friday, July 27, 2007

Birds will be in the mail soon !!

Well I finished all the birdys last week-end...but I left my camera chip up at the I couldn't show any hopefully it wasn't too hot in the camper and it will still work. I have been so busy this week.. It's been very stressful. The state inspectors spent four days at the nursing home where I work. They look at everything, go through all the paper work that we all do, talk to the residents, talk to families, staff...and then write it all and tell us where we went wrong.Well we did great !!They found very little that they could write us up for...resident care was great, the food was great, the place very clean and of course my Activity Dept. was perfect !! The only things they found were ... some chipped paint here and there on the furniture.. They said it's not home like..well I can't imagine many homes without some chip paint somewhere..they even measure it..All in all it was a great survey and I'm glad it's all over with for another year. !! I will post pictures when we get back from camping of the birds and then get them in the mail to everyone..Now I'm off to work to finish up a few things...

Monday, July 16, 2007

And the Winner is..............Everyone !!!

I don't want anyone to go away sad... so I decided to make a little birdy for everyone !!! I only have 2 completed right now.. but I have a few more in the works.. so this week-end while we are camping I will finish the rest of them....So.....if you left a comment please email me with your address and I get them out to you as soon as a bird will be in the mail for : Beate, Melinda, Suz , Stegart, Sunni ,Beth, Angie

So watch the skies for little birdys to winging their way to YOU...just my way of saying thanks for looking at my blog..and I get so inspired by reading each of yours...everyone has such special talents..I've learned so much by reading other blogs..I can't wait to see what everyone has done...We are all so beautiful and talented !!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Time to clean-up my act....

These are before and after pictures of my sewing/art studio room...Is it no wonder I wasn't feeling creative ??
If you'll notice even the dogs have no ambition..but it is over 100 degrees again today...But fairly cool in the house so I went to work organizing my space..Now I won't want to make a mess..haha Part of my problem is I try to load up so many things to take camping with me..I never really know what it is I'm going to work on.. you know..what mood your in.. to sew( I have 2 sewing machines in the 5th-wheel), knit, bead or make some paper, altered art...or heck just go fishing.. So a girl has to be prepared for it all !! Then when we lug it all in,, I don't usually get it all put away...So my goal is to take fewer things with me.. and try and really plan what it is I'm going to do.
Remember tomorrow is the last day to sign-up for a birdy....I will draw tomorrow nite... Off to bed for now... as you can see it was a very busy day for me.. Take all

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Great Artsy Stuff in the Mail !!!

I'm not to good at placing these pictures......but to the right are the plus sized inchies..that I have received so far in trade from Fiber Art Traders (FAT). They are plus sized..1 1/2 sq.
Below is a great little package I received from Melinda, we traded beaded birds..and she sent along some extra goodies..Isn't the ATC great.. and I can't wait to try huge playing cards

Here is recent ATC I's up for trade.. if anyone is interested..It's fabric and paper...

Finally the birds to the far right are the ones for the giveaway...So sign-up I will draw names next Monday..
Well it's time to start some supper here... really to hot to eat.. but over the week-end I cooked rice and some chicken breasts so I going to make Chicken Curry Salad...Something nice and cool and no cooking..It's very hot here today.. in the 100's...and going to be hotter tomorrow.. Thank God I work indoors...Take care all....

Monday, July 09, 2007

Free Birdy !!!!!!

I received all sorts of goodies in the mail and of course all the batteries are dead for the camera. But I was able to scan a collage I made while on vacation...We were gone for a week and came home on Sunday...It was so nice at the lake..very hot. but nice and relaxing.. This is my second collage I have made recently and I like the way it turned out and her story. After I added her picture she just seemed to tell me what she had to say...and then I found the words in a book about him.... he had been President of the Bird Club.. perhaps it was him than answered all along ??? Tell me what you think....If you are reading this..why not leave a comment.. If you do.. you might be the one whose name is drawn for a birdy !! So........ leave a comment and I will add you to the drawing...I will post more pictures tomorrow night.. I got some great things !!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

We are camping.....

Well her we are at the lake..and having a good time. I caught a huge carp..about 20lbs.. of course no camera with us to take a picture...No one around here eats them..but I went on line and they don't sound too bad. He was fun to catch though...had my little pole bent way over..It's great to have wi-fi here... We never expected it..sometimes it works and sometimes it don't but hey its better than we have before.. I'm adding couple of is of Oscar.. we are on the ferry crossing Lake Roosevelt...and the sky picture is what I saw as we were leaving the lake area..can you see the dove? Well that's all for now... Artsy things I've done is just a little knitted makeup bag..I hope to paint some later..I did pick-up a big stack of sheet music at a antique store..most is hand written and kind of neat..