Monday, February 26, 2007

New cards and a Dotee Doll...

Wow it's been over since I've posted...I just have so busy..Last Thursday I took a class at a new shop in's called Art Garden and they offer vaious classes. So I'm taking a mosaic mirror class. It''s going to be quite large..probably 24" x 24". We make tiles in the first class, she will fire and then we will paint next Thursday..Its a 4-6 week class, depending on how long you take to finish and she supplies all the stuff. I got these cards in the mail this week from my art2mail22 group. The one with the garden fairy if from Bev in Victoria, Australia, the Patchwork Diva is from Jo in Alabama and the Asian is from Glennis in CA. Each one is unique and different. I'm also going to add my first DoteeDoll you check out more qbout them here at Dotee's Blog They are really cute and fun to make. I made this about 1" too big. So I will not use her in a swap. She needs to be no bigger than 3". She really just makes you smile when you look at her. Dotee is doing a swap for her you can check it at her blog. Hubby and I went to Leavenworth on Friday and spent the night. It was our 7th wedding anniversary. It was beautiful and we woke up to snow falling. Leavenworth is a town in the Cascade moutains with a German/Bavarian theme. We had some great german food and wine. We came home the next day after stopping at Joanne's and an art suplly store. Both of which had nothing I really wanted. I went armed with my list from a new book I got Mixed Media Explorations by Beryl Taylor I guess I will have to get of the things from the internet. Trouble is..I can't find it all at the same spot. I hate to pay all that shipping, but I guess it's better than using gas running all over the state. Well time to go make Dotee Dolls...

Friday, February 16, 2007

New postcards received

Well here it is Friday already..Where does the time go. Remember when you were a kid and you could'nt wait until you 13 years old...or until Christmas came. Now time just passes by like a fast moving train. There is just not enough time to do what I want. So then why so I just seem to sit in from of the TV sometime? I get lost in someone else's problems I guess. What I need to do is get off my butt and start walking again. My weight has got my mood down again. I look back at what I did just a couple of years ago..I lost 90 lbs. and some found it's ugly way back. I remember one of my wise old sage friends once said..Never say you lost the weight..

because when you loose something you want it back...instead she said..say I released it. Now I understand..Now I need to release it again once and for all..this time I'm going to send it on a one way flight to somewhere...somewhere that it will want to stay. Any suggestions where that might be ? Well now for some happy thoughts.. I have two new postcards to show you..The snowflake is from Laurie in CT. and the Valentine Patchwork is from Gwen in TN. This has been such a great group to exchange cards with. I'm also currently hosting an Altered Altoid Tin Trade here at..FAT It's a really fun group..go check it out and join. We do all sorts of Fiber Art Trade)hence the name FAT. If you want to join just tell them..Judy Spencer sent you !!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Another week-end gone....

It seems the week-ends just get started and then its back to work. It was a good week-end though. I had lunch with a friend on Friday and we went shopping. I bought some new clothes and a got a great new rubber stamp..It's huge and has four sides..It will be fun to use with fabric..postcards and maybe something tags. I got a new postcard in the mail over the week-end. Its from Carol in Welling,Kent, England..It's quite unique..I love the funky ribbon on it. she did a great job..Thanks Carol !! Well Monday..will be a different day at work..We are working with no administrator...not a real big deal..unless it takes the board a longtime to find another one. It can be an anxious time waiting for a new boss..then getting to know them..and hoping we can meet each others expectations. I'm busy doing my own job as well as a re-decorating project in the main resident dining room. Not like picking furniture and floors for your own home..everything has to pass approval by the state and that takes time. We hope to have it done by April or May at the very latest. I working on more altered Altoid tins...and will post pictures when I get done. Well I need to do more work on tins..thats all for now...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Altered Tin.....

Here are pictures of the Altoid Tin I've been working on.

What do you think ????
I think it needs something else..I'm just not sure what.....I still need to paint around th edges a little. The tiny book is made from the old speller I bought at the second hand store the other day..I reduced and copied
on card stock and then reduced some pages to go inside.
I think it turned kind of cute.
Some of my old fellows at the nursing are even helping me out. We are rusting Altoid tins.
We have 4 different experiments going..
  • Coke
  • Shasta Cola
  • Water & Salt
  • Vinegar & Salt

Each have the tins soaking in the solution. We doing a study to see which one rusts the quickest. Well enough rambling for the nite..Take Care All...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Here are postcards I received the last few days...Each one is special..little works of art. We rode up to where we camp today..Lots of snow on the ground..but it was fairly balmy..34 degrees.
not bad considering it has been in the single digits and teens. We let the dogs out and of course
Oscar had to run off. I called him and called him..but he never came. So John went out and called him..told him we going know all the tricks you use on your dogs. Well he was still in the truck. I guess he decided it was too cold to get out. He did have fun though..he went through my purse and ate all of John's gum and Mentoes. At least his breath was good for a change. Everything checked out good though. Last time John went up and checked all of the soda in the frig has exploded. What a mess..with no water turned to clean it up..It will be sticky.
Needless to say I didn't get much done today..I did work an altered altoid tine..I will try and post a picture of it tomorrow nite..Thats all for me today..

Where does time go ???

Finally got postcards I will add a couple of pictures of them.. The red one is from the fabric I made with the solvy..I made 12 similar ones. The next one represents where I live..Soap Lake, WA and look here for the lava lamp story.
The last is a sunrise..So now all these now have to be mailed. I'm also working on a couple altered altoid tins. They are a lot of fun to do..and it's also fun to go through junk drawers and boxes looking for little things to put on them. I think I will make one into a little shrine for my mom and dad..I will need to go through old pictures and see what I can find. I went to a junk store on Friday and found a great little book. Its Watson's Complete Speller from July 1884..Its not in the best of shape. It has little pencil drawings here and there and some words underlined..I think of the children that have used that little book. I'm using parts of it(copied) for one of my altered tins..kind of a school girl theme.
Time went so fast this week..I could hardly believe that it had been since Tuesday that I blogged. I received three more postcards from my Art2mail group I take pictures later and post them. Now its time to do a few dishes...shower and be productive...