Sunday, February 04, 2007

Here are postcards I received the last few days...Each one is special..little works of art. We rode up to where we camp today..Lots of snow on the ground..but it was fairly balmy..34 degrees.
not bad considering it has been in the single digits and teens. We let the dogs out and of course
Oscar had to run off. I called him and called him..but he never came. So John went out and called him..told him we going know all the tricks you use on your dogs. Well he was still in the truck. I guess he decided it was too cold to get out. He did have fun though..he went through my purse and ate all of John's gum and Mentoes. At least his breath was good for a change. Everything checked out good though. Last time John went up and checked all of the soda in the frig has exploded. What a mess..with no water turned to clean it up..It will be sticky.
Needless to say I didn't get much done today..I did work an altered altoid tine..I will try and post a picture of it tomorrow nite..Thats all for me today..

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Claudia Wicks said...

Just discovered your blog. I'm local SL resident- over on Fir St. next to the lake. We are new here (9 months). Are you active with the other artists here - Blake at SLAM, events at Las Brisas, etc.

My email is

I want to start a blog just about SoaP Lake. "The Many Faces of Soap Lake" is what I'm thinking of calling it.

Have a terrific day- and keep blogging.