Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Beautiful Hot Day here and still have birds for trade..

I was just checking in and saw that one of my birdies flew away so I will try and get her to come back..Nope all I get is an error.. so I will try and load it later..if you want to trade a bird let me know..I also finished some more charms..I followed the directions from the most recent Cloth, Paper Scissors in an article by Ruth Rae and here are the pictures....this is really weird tonight.. I already typed this and posted it.. came back to add pictures and all the stuff just vansished.. so sorry if I'm repeating myself..I really have to get busy and do some housecleaning. I was going to save it all for the week-end..Hubby was going to work on he's not and we're are going to the lake on the week-end now I have to get it all done tonight and tomorrow night. Cuz don't you know I have to get all my art projects planned and take my goodies with..I'll save that for Friday am... Take care all...

Monday, May 28, 2007

More Birdies Found !!

We spent a great long-week-end camping..The weiner dogs enjoy themselves even if they have to spend time in their pen. Oscar loves to sun bathe, thats him on his back. It was so nice to sit in the sun..walk on the beach and of course make some birdies..These are so much fun to make !! I gave one to the lady that owns the campground where we go. I had needed a can of stewed tomatoes and she did'nt have any in the store so she gave me a jar of her home canned ones. I had forgotten how good they are. As you can see I named each of lthe birdys...the last one was made from Kaffe Fassett fabric..hence the name Kaffeebirdy..and of course the polkadot fabric equals Dotteebirdy. So if you see one you want to trade for let me know..Bimbimbie wanted to trade for one of her if anyone else is a bird lover let me know !!..I'm still making them too. I'm going to branch out this week-end and try somethings from the newest Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine...Did I mention that I'm in it ??? Well only a letter to the editor..but name is there !! Well have to go unpack and do laundry..take everyone..

Blue Birdy

Monday, May 21, 2007

In Vancouver,WA

Here is a picture of Multnomah Falls in's the 2nd highest year-around falls in the nation. It was raining and overcast..but if you click on the picture you will see how beautiful it really is. We took out time driving down and made a few at Catherine's and one at Michaels.craft store.. I found a new eyelet maker so now all I need a hammer and I can go to work..But I probably shouldn't do that in the hotel room I guess. We had a great supper at Olive Garden and now I'm ready to crash. I'll try and post tomorrow night.. You all take care...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I'm back....

Well..I guess I've been gone for awhile..I have been doing a few things..I went outside today and found these little birdies in the honeysuckle bush...I even managed to get a close up of the little yellow one...I believe he is a rare breed !! We went camping this week-end and I thought I had taken all the supplies I would need with me..however I had left my inchies and embroidery floss at home. So I couldn't work on inchies or my alternative project ATC's. So I invented these little birdies..I saw some like it over at Bimbimbie's so I guess I really didn't invent them. She put a cute little Dotee face on hers. They were really fun to make. I have more cut-out and ready to embellish. I'm going to Vancouver, WA this week to a conference for work. So I'm taking the birdies with me and the inches(which by the way I found at the bottom of my bag when packing up) so I could have worked on them. But each project is small enough to tuck in my purse in case I get bored. The inches are for a charm swap in a Yahoo group. I still need to add a eyelet. My eyelets are not turning out well. They are rough on the back..does anyone know if there is any that have 2 pieces and are smooth on the back. I only have Walmart to look for things and they have none.. But maybe on the way to Vancouver I can a craft or fabric store.
So I guess I'd better go pack up..and get my stuff together..I'll be back on Thursday..hmmm I have a laptop now.....maybe I will just take it with me...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Finally..back to my blog..

I've been away from my blog for a few days...I made this purse over the week-end and finished it up tonight. It's for a friends birthday tomorrow. I hope she likes it. It was fun to make..once I got the whole creative juices flowing again. I wanted something kind of shabby chic..yet a little on the risque side.. I usually knit purses and then felt them..I have made quite a about 10 .. so I wanted something a little different. I recently went to Nellie's Needles she has a great blog with lots of tutorials..I just love her small art quilts that she makes..check out her crinkle quilts under the labels on the right side. They are so neat.. I haven't been to all her archives yet.. but the ones I have been too give me inspiration. Well this will be short and sweet tonight. Time to get comfortable and watch American Idol...take care all