Saturday, March 31, 2007

Look What I made !!!!

Well after a four week class I finished my mosaic mirror. The tiles were made yours truly.. It's about 22x22. All of it was great fun until it came for grouting. I was almost ready to give up. I never thought I would ever get the grout all off of the tiles. Our teacher said we were her best class ever...(out of two classes)..but the night we grouted we were all big whinners. But in the end it was worth it all.
Thats about all the artsy stuff I have done this week. When it's the end of the month I have so much to do at work, getting ready for the next month. I'm also still working on the dining room project and now I have taken on the new tub room project. Why can't I just say NO ? Today was a stay at home day and clean are two people be so messy? Tomorrow and the rest of today..I will start some project. Not sure what it will be yet.. I will have to see what moves me...or what my muse might inspire me what to do. Right now the artfest is going on in Port Townsend..oh how I wish I were there.. Maybe next year.. but I'd better start saving now...
Now it's time to throw things in the dryer and start another load..It was nice and sunny is getting cold and the dark coulds are coming. I was out reading famous quotes on the is one I will leave you with by Kahlil Gibran."Yesterday is but today's memory, tomorrow is today's dream" so dream on my firends...

Monday, March 26, 2007

New ATC's anybody want to trade ??

Well we went camping this week-end and I got to work on my ATC's..I was able to finish 5 of them. These are my really my first ones, beside the Dotee ones I made. I really enjoy doing them. I think it's all the hand work on them. Now I want to learn more embroidery stitches. I might think about doing a fabric journal just with embroidery stitiches in it.
I'm also working a little bundle of gifts for Dotee
I know it's a lot of work to organize a trade so I'm just sending a little something..from my stash of treasures. Well time to go relax a little bit.. Take care all..Thanks for your comments.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My New Muse Art Doll

Here is the my Geisha Muse Doll...I liked my other one so much I decided to make another doll..she wanted to be a Geisha..I'm going to trade I have to keep my first one. I have so little of the art thatI do.. I send it all off for trades or gifts. I think my next project will some Tyvek beads...I have never used Tyvek before so it should be fun..I'm also going to make some ATC with an Easter theme..eggs...spring..cross etc. I think they would make nice little gifts. They are so much fun to make..I would like to learn more beading and stitching so I think that will be a god way to learn little tiny stiches.
I'm glad tomorrow is Thursday..its been a long week. You take care...and remember "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." Picasso

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A day of Art....

Well this is what I worked on today. She is my muse art doll. I love the way she turned out..and she just happened..I looked at my fabric stash..and this red caught my eye first. I wasn't going to give her a face, but now I'm glad I did. I gave her long eye lashes too, something I sure don't have. I made her for trade ..but I now I'm not sure I want to part with her..I have until Tuesday to decide.

The other thing I did today was finish my Bride of Dotee Doll.. she will be leaving with her friends for Australia tomorrow if I can make it to the post office.

It was a beautiful day the 70's..I went outside to do some of stitching the sun felt so good, the warmth was healing and stitching relaxing. Art is truly good for the soul and mind. I spent a lot of time reading blogs this morning..Its just unbelievable the talented people there in this world. They so inspire me to step and think outside the box. Thanks for visiting me today...Your comments are appreciated.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Well,,Happy St. Paddy's Day to everyone...We had sunshine here was still a little chilly..but still...the sun was out !! My brother called from Salome, AZ and it was 100 there yesterday..ahh that would feel so good for a couple of days.
I actually got quite a bit accomplished today. We went to town to take care of some errands. Then came home and done that homey stuff of laundry, cleaning etc. Then ran over to a friends house for a little party for her 4 year old grandson. Then back home and hubby put on a New England boiled dinner to cook..We had it for supper it was so good.. Corned beef, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, beats and onions. Then tomorrow he will make red flannel hash. I'd never had it before he came into my life, he's from Vermont..hence the name New England Boiled Dinner. I did have time to work on a few things.. Here is the collage of my parents..I think for my first try it turned pretty good.. What do you think ?? Click on it for a bigger picture..

Here are the Dotee ATC's that will be in the mail to Victoria, Australia on Monday.
I made another Dotee Doll but my camera's battries are dead... and of course I forgot to charge the extra ones... so now at least I have something to post tomorrow...I think it's time to go soak in the jacuzzi tub..

Friday, March 16, 2007

Camera Fixed !!

Well here is a picture of my journal.. and a picture of my first received Altered Altoid Tin Trade.
It's from Liz in MD. the little heart inside is felted..I think it's so sweet &
nice...I can't wait to get more. I'm almost finished with all my little Dotee items.. I have done 3 dolls and 3 ATC's. I will post pictures of those later. I was supposed to be off today..but instead I went to work for a little while and it ended up being a longer while. I also had to go to the dentist..and that was at 9:30 and I still have a splitting headache..I guess from the Novicane..I never get headaches so I guess its from the Novicane. Surely not the stressful day at work. I'm starting a new project at work..and I'm finding more problems than I anticipated. At home I started a new project too. I'm working a pciture of my mom and dad..It will be kind of a funky but a sweet one with memories of them. I'll post a picture of my progress tomorrow night. Lots of stuff to do tomorrow.. you know some yard work. house cleaning and all that fun stuff. I read where some of my favorite artists are going to something called artfest...well it's in Washington State...not really close to me..but still in MY Port Townsend..maybe next year I can save my nickles and go...check it out and see the really cool artists that will be there..There is another in Portland..its called Art and Soul Retreat.. That would be great too and it's this year and in October..might just be doable..There is still one more..with Katie Kendrick these are just some of the reasons I need to retire..hmmm what fun that would be..Now it's time to watch a little TV and cuddle with hubby and the weiner dogs...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My camera is sick.....

I think I have a bad I can't post any pictures of things until I get a new one. I received a tin in the mail too..Its from Liz in Maryland,,so soon as I get a new chip I will post a picture. I also started an Art Journal..I started it as soon as I can home from work..It was kind of fun to just be creative right off the cuff..and just put down some color and thoughts. Well today is my Friday...woohoo..except I have dentist appointment tomorrow.
Here's picture of the largest peice of altered art I have ever made!! It's a med. cart from the nursing home where I work. I used Mod Podge on it..and used clip art and tissue paper vintage pictures of the residents on it. I covered the all of the cart with it. I use the cart for one to one type activites for the elders. I have games on it..things to fold and sort. The drawers are all full of goodies of things for them to do. Its on wheels so I can just push it up and down the hallyway. Well type to get ready for work...Thanks for coming here today..leave your comments and I will visit your blog too.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Picture from the Past

Well here it is..the picture of my his younger years..He was probably about 13 or 14 years old. I would have posted a newer picture had he sent me one...He is very handsome as he said..he takes after my side of the family. I only wish he wasn't 1400 miles away. Love ya sonny boy, Troy Boy..

Good Morning All..

When I started writing this post the sun was shining..and it was shining right on my new Dotee ATC I just finished last night.Now just a few minutes later it's gone the..the sun that is..This is my first was fun..The size is 2 1/2 by 3..but now that I write I realize I made a mistake..It should be 2 1/2 by 3 1/2...It only took my about 2 hours to make it..!!! Oh was good practice I guess..Trouble is I have another one almost done and it has more details..but maybe I can save her. Nope.. she's a total loss..Oh well..My dad always said measure twice cut once..he of course was talking lumber..My dear son left a post about nudity on his mother's blog..and a picture of her handsome son would be much better.. So I guess now I will have to look through pictures and post one of him..hmmm of course he never sends pictures of himself.. so I will have to look through the old picture box and see what I can find from his school days...stayed tuned.
My grandson will be 10 years old this week March can it be ? I'll never forget that day when he was son called early in the day..and then later that same day I got a call from my son-in-law that my daughter had a brain anurisymn...she was in the hospital for a month after brain surgery and the miracle is she had no lasting effects from it. So in March there were two miracles...a new baby boy Everett and life for Shelley. Well I'm getting all misty eyed.. so enough for now...I really need to clean up my mess from last night..Looking for all the right stuff for my Dotee ATC.. that is the wrong size..grrrrrrrr.. Judy..

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy March...can Spring be near ??

We went camping this was kind of nippy but not too bad. The sun did not shine however...I do miss the sun. But I did all sorts of crafty things including these new Dotee Dolls.

There were fun to make..I think a person could get very addicted to making them. Each one has it's own personality. I also made another Altered Tin and a Joy doll for a swap in FAT . The FAT swap.. was kind of funny I use "kind of" loosely..I received a Joy doll on the mail on Friday. I of course didn't remember that I had signed up for this trade. I had made a Joy doll..but unfortunately Oscar the weiner dog decided he really liked her hair. So I had to make another this weekend and I think I even like her better.. She is about 5 1/2" and the Dotee's are 3".

I also made another tin..that's 3 now I have made.. I'm hosting this trade and have quite a few to trade about 38 so far !! I can't seem to figure out to add pictures here where I want them.. They always go back up to the top. So until I figure this all out you will just have deal with me having them out of order. It can't be that hard.. can it ?? Somebody help me please...