Sunday, March 11, 2007

Good Morning All..

When I started writing this post the sun was shining..and it was shining right on my new Dotee ATC I just finished last night.Now just a few minutes later it's gone the..the sun that is..This is my first was fun..The size is 2 1/2 by 3..but now that I write I realize I made a mistake..It should be 2 1/2 by 3 1/2...It only took my about 2 hours to make it..!!! Oh was good practice I guess..Trouble is I have another one almost done and it has more details..but maybe I can save her. Nope.. she's a total loss..Oh well..My dad always said measure twice cut once..he of course was talking lumber..My dear son left a post about nudity on his mother's blog..and a picture of her handsome son would be much better.. So I guess now I will have to look through pictures and post one of him..hmmm of course he never sends pictures of himself.. so I will have to look through the old picture box and see what I can find from his school days...stayed tuned.
My grandson will be 10 years old this week March can it be ? I'll never forget that day when he was son called early in the day..and then later that same day I got a call from my son-in-law that my daughter had a brain anurisymn...she was in the hospital for a month after brain surgery and the miracle is she had no lasting effects from it. So in March there were two miracles...a new baby boy Everett and life for Shelley. Well I'm getting all misty eyed.. so enough for now...I really need to clean up my mess from last night..Looking for all the right stuff for my Dotee ATC.. that is the wrong size..grrrrrrrr.. Judy..


Natasha said...

You made me misty too, two miracles one heart wrenching day!!

Your dottie ATC is cute- sorry to hear it is the wrong size.I can't tell you the amount of I have miss-cut something.

Beate said...

wrong size, it does't matter to me I'' takee it. :-)

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