Friday, March 16, 2007

Camera Fixed !!

Well here is a picture of my journal.. and a picture of my first received Altered Altoid Tin Trade.
It's from Liz in MD. the little heart inside is felted..I think it's so sweet &
nice...I can't wait to get more. I'm almost finished with all my little Dotee items.. I have done 3 dolls and 3 ATC's. I will post pictures of those later. I was supposed to be off today..but instead I went to work for a little while and it ended up being a longer while. I also had to go to the dentist..and that was at 9:30 and I still have a splitting headache..I guess from the Novicane..I never get headaches so I guess its from the Novicane. Surely not the stressful day at work. I'm starting a new project at work..and I'm finding more problems than I anticipated. At home I started a new project too. I'm working a pciture of my mom and dad..It will be kind of a funky but a sweet one with memories of them. I'll post a picture of my progress tomorrow night. Lots of stuff to do tomorrow.. you know some yard work. house cleaning and all that fun stuff. I read where some of my favorite artists are going to something called artfest...well it's in Washington State...not really close to me..but still in MY Port Townsend..maybe next year I can save my nickles and go...check it out and see the really cool artists that will be there..There is another in Portland..its called Art and Soul Retreat.. That would be great too and it's this year and in October..might just be doable..There is still one more..with Katie Kendrick these are just some of the reasons I need to retire..hmmm what fun that would be..Now it's time to watch a little TV and cuddle with hubby and the weiner dogs...

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