Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy March...can Spring be near ??

We went camping this was kind of nippy but not too bad. The sun did not shine however...I do miss the sun. But I did all sorts of crafty things including these new Dotee Dolls.

There were fun to make..I think a person could get very addicted to making them. Each one has it's own personality. I also made another Altered Tin and a Joy doll for a swap in FAT . The FAT swap.. was kind of funny I use "kind of" loosely..I received a Joy doll on the mail on Friday. I of course didn't remember that I had signed up for this trade. I had made a Joy doll..but unfortunately Oscar the weiner dog decided he really liked her hair. So I had to make another this weekend and I think I even like her better.. She is about 5 1/2" and the Dotee's are 3".

I also made another tin..that's 3 now I have made.. I'm hosting this trade and have quite a few to trade about 38 so far !! I can't seem to figure out to add pictures here where I want them.. They always go back up to the top. So until I figure this all out you will just have deal with me having them out of order. It can't be that hard.. can it ?? Somebody help me please...


Natasha said...

Those little dolls are so cute, I can see how they could become addicting!!

As for the picture thing I sometimes write first then drag the photos to where I want them or upload the photos and click for a cursor and then "click" enter betweent the photos. Does that make sense? I don't have blogger beta so yours may function differently.
Love ya~T

Anonymous said...

I don't know if nudity is appropiate on my own mothers web "blog".More pics of your attractive son would be much better....i think.