Monday, February 26, 2007

New cards and a Dotee Doll...

Wow it's been over since I've posted...I just have so busy..Last Thursday I took a class at a new shop in's called Art Garden and they offer vaious classes. So I'm taking a mosaic mirror class. It''s going to be quite large..probably 24" x 24". We make tiles in the first class, she will fire and then we will paint next Thursday..Its a 4-6 week class, depending on how long you take to finish and she supplies all the stuff. I got these cards in the mail this week from my art2mail22 group. The one with the garden fairy if from Bev in Victoria, Australia, the Patchwork Diva is from Jo in Alabama and the Asian is from Glennis in CA. Each one is unique and different. I'm also going to add my first DoteeDoll you check out more qbout them here at Dotee's Blog They are really cute and fun to make. I made this about 1" too big. So I will not use her in a swap. She needs to be no bigger than 3". She really just makes you smile when you look at her. Dotee is doing a swap for her you can check it at her blog. Hubby and I went to Leavenworth on Friday and spent the night. It was our 7th wedding anniversary. It was beautiful and we woke up to snow falling. Leavenworth is a town in the Cascade moutains with a German/Bavarian theme. We had some great german food and wine. We came home the next day after stopping at Joanne's and an art suplly store. Both of which had nothing I really wanted. I went armed with my list from a new book I got Mixed Media Explorations by Beryl Taylor I guess I will have to get of the things from the internet. Trouble is..I can't find it all at the same spot. I hate to pay all that shipping, but I guess it's better than using gas running all over the state. Well time to go make Dotee Dolls...


Dotee said...

Hi Judy

I LOVE your Dotee doll!! She is beautiful. Love how her head is tilted to one side too. And the fabric and beads you used are delicious!

Love the art you have recieved. It's lovely.

The mosaic mirror class sounds wonderful!

Congratulations on your 7th wedding anniversary. Sounds like you spent it somewhere very special.

Thanks for wanting to take part in my swap(s).

Sending lots of art doll love your way.


Natasha said...

Judy that little doll is so cute!!!
I can't wait to see the next one, be sure to put a coin in the picture for size comparison.

I am glad you had a nice anniversary!! Love ya