Friday, February 16, 2007

New postcards received

Well here it is Friday already..Where does the time go. Remember when you were a kid and you could'nt wait until you 13 years old...or until Christmas came. Now time just passes by like a fast moving train. There is just not enough time to do what I want. So then why so I just seem to sit in from of the TV sometime? I get lost in someone else's problems I guess. What I need to do is get off my butt and start walking again. My weight has got my mood down again. I look back at what I did just a couple of years ago..I lost 90 lbs. and some found it's ugly way back. I remember one of my wise old sage friends once said..Never say you lost the weight..

because when you loose something you want it back...instead she said..say I released it. Now I understand..Now I need to release it again once and for all..this time I'm going to send it on a one way flight to somewhere...somewhere that it will want to stay. Any suggestions where that might be ? Well now for some happy thoughts.. I have two new postcards to show you..The snowflake is from Laurie in CT. and the Valentine Patchwork is from Gwen in TN. This has been such a great group to exchange cards with. I'm also currently hosting an Altered Altoid Tin Trade here at..FAT It's a really fun group..go check it out and join. We do all sorts of Fiber Art Trade)hence the name FAT. If you want to join just tell them..Judy Spencer sent you !!

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