Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Altered Tin.....

Here are pictures of the Altoid Tin I've been working on.

What do you think ????
I think it needs something else..I'm just not sure what.....I still need to paint around th edges a little. The tiny book is made from the old speller I bought at the second hand store the other day..I reduced and copied
on card stock and then reduced some pages to go inside.
I think it turned kind of cute.
Some of my old fellows at the nursing are even helping me out. We are rusting Altoid tins.
We have 4 different experiments going..
  • Coke
  • Shasta Cola
  • Water & Salt
  • Vinegar & Salt

Each have the tins soaking in the solution. We doing a study to see which one rusts the quickest. Well enough rambling for the nite..Take Care All...

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Natasha said...

Try amonia and see what happens, I saw that after about 4 days you get a green patina that is really pretty!!