Monday, May 28, 2007

More Birdies Found !!

We spent a great long-week-end camping..The weiner dogs enjoy themselves even if they have to spend time in their pen. Oscar loves to sun bathe, thats him on his back. It was so nice to sit in the sun..walk on the beach and of course make some birdies..These are so much fun to make !! I gave one to the lady that owns the campground where we go. I had needed a can of stewed tomatoes and she did'nt have any in the store so she gave me a jar of her home canned ones. I had forgotten how good they are. As you can see I named each of lthe birdys...the last one was made from Kaffe Fassett fabric..hence the name Kaffeebirdy..and of course the polkadot fabric equals Dotteebirdy. So if you see one you want to trade for let me know..Bimbimbie wanted to trade for one of her if anyone else is a bird lover let me know !!..I'm still making them too. I'm going to branch out this week-end and try somethings from the newest Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine...Did I mention that I'm in it ??? Well only a letter to the editor..but name is there !! Well have to go unpack and do laundry..take everyone..

Blue Birdy


Natasha said...

Love the birds Jude!! Perhaps one would migrate to the Midwest? Hmmm

I found a link for a swap you may want in on!! Just a thought!50EC64E496D0CF1D!2117.entry

Glad you had a good weekend~Love ya

Melinda Cornish said...

I also would love to trade for a birdie...did you use a pattern or just free style it? melinda