Monday, June 25, 2007

Kookie Bird Migrated North !!

This is Kookie Bird that migrated north...I think she loves it here.. She immediately took to the roses.. and nestled herself right in...I love her.. and give her a good home for a longtime...The other pictures is Plus Sizes Inchies for the Fiber Art Trader Group...I made 24 and will get 20 back..not sure what I will do with all of them..maybe a collage.. or jewelry of some sort ?? We are going on vacation next week...just going up to our "cabin" at the lake...(it's really the fifth-wheel)
but it will still be fun. Probably go into Spokane 1 day..and go to the casino another day... I need to start knitting Christmas presents... the grandsons need larger slippers...a couple of years ago I made 11 pairs....That's knitting and then felting them.. But I don't think they will ever wear out..Maybe grow out of them..I wear mine all the time.. and still show now wear after 2 1/2 years......Felting is fun..if your a knitter you have to try it...All you need is wool yarn and a top loading washing machine.. and you never quite know how things will turn out... Hopefully when I come back I will have a couple of pairs made.. I have a fishing license now.. so not sure how much knitting I will get done... I have catch at least one Walleye.. I'm out of birds..but if someone else wants to trade I'm willing to make more....or I'll trade anything.. if you have any ideas ???
Well almost anything...nothing I have to clean up after !!


Melinda Cornish said...

Love how the inchies came out and your bird is so cute! I bragged you up on fabric atc's......Mailing your stuff tomorrow. I forgot to tell you that I couldnt make your birdie that I made you hang straight so I didnt make a hanger...Guess I havent mastered that trick yet. You'll have to give me some pointers when you get it! I love to fish too! Catch a big one!!!! Melinda

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