Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Here's my no calorie cupcake !!!!!!!

Felted postcard from Beate

I finished my no calorie cupcake...and it has chocolate frosting of course !! It was fun to make..at first I had a hard time with only 6 stitches on double points..but it all comes back to you. Now I want to make more...it would such a fun thing for little gifts..It would be a fun thing for a trade too.. I signed up for two trades..one is for faric charms no bigger than 1 1/2 inches..they must have a gromet and jump ring attached. I think I need to make 21..and then another doll trade and I'm not sure when that is due. I have been wanting to make some charms or inchies as I have heard them called so I'm looking forward to this trade. I found a great tutorial for them here
at Sue Bleiweiss's Blog. She has some other tutorials as well. In the mail today I received this great postcard from Beate. I won it in her Blogversary Draw...(actually we all won one) isn't that great..My picture of it doesn't do it justice. I love to look at her work..when I first started postcards her work was very inspirational to me and it still is !! Thanks Beate....

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