Friday, April 06, 2007

My funky garden flower...

Well here it is Friday already...time does is picture of my funky garden flower I made last night at Laura's Art Garden in Ephrata, WA. Thats the same place I took the class for the mosaic mirror. The moose in the yard was made by our neighbor Dave..our cat had been run over..(hit and run) and I was so when I came home from work one day he had made us this moose..kind of a sympathy gift.

Here is a close up of the flower...It's made from recycle tins..youknow the big ones you get popcorn and stuff in..some metal mesh..flashing.. nuts and washers..and a threaded rod.. and beads...We even got to use power tools..(well one ..a drill) So now I will be begging all my friends for their old popcorn tins..
We are heading out camping later this's supposed to be a beautiful week-end. It will be good to just relax. I would have been nice to have the family all get together for Easter..but it's just not possible. My grand kids all live in would fun to have them all here..(their mom & dad (son) too). My daughter and her husband live about 175 miles away. John(my DH) has 4 daughters and 10 grand kids.. some day it would wild to get everyone together. They live all over.. from Mass. to Texas
At the nursing home where I work, the residents have been working all week to fill 3500 Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt sponsored my the nursing home and the local fire dept. They have had so much fun doing it..and eating the candy..
I don't think I'm going to pack all my artsy stuff to take camping.. Maybe just my sketch book,water colors etc. Sit outside and just relax.. You all take care and have blessed Easter.


Natasha said...

That is so cool!! I love it, and the moose story, how sweet was that to come home to?!

I hope you have a happy Easter we will miss you!!


Melinda Cornish said...

You make some of the coolest stuff Judy! I really enjoy looking at your art! I just love my atc that you sent really IS MY all time FAVORITE...It is so delicate and I love that kind of stuff! Melinda