Monday, January 15, 2007

Time for flowers this has cold to go...brrrrr

Camellia Spider Mum

The weather was very cold here today. My office has lots of windows and cold just seems to seep through. I told someone that if stuck my tongue on the wall it would stick to the wall. They just looked at me...with the look that says.. "she is crazy". My hubby brought me home 5 cigar boxes today that he got at the local smoke shop. I was so excited would have thought I got a new fur coat or something. The FiberArtTrader group I'm in is going to trade altered now I can participate. Since there are no real stores other than Walmart around I was worried that I would'nt find the right thing. We do have a wonderful fabric store just 5 miles away, but they don't carry everything that a gal could want. Although they do have three rooms full of beautiful yarns and three rooms full of quality quilting fabric and all the goodies to go with it. I'm posting a picture of two flowers that I knitted and felted. One is a Camellia and the other Spider Mum. The mum needs to be tacked down to a purse so all the little spider legs look right. The pattern is from Noni Designs She has really wonderful patterns and is so nice. She answered my email very quickly(like 45 minutes) to help me understand the pattern better. I would probably make the spider mum in pastel colors next time. The large flower will probably go on a purse. Well thats all for this eve..Take care everyone..

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