Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Well here it is... The first page of my Fabric Art Journal. I joined yet another Fiber Art Group and this was the project for the month. To create a page that describes us. Well this is me...Too many thoughts..So many ideas..Too little time..leaves my head spinning all the time. I hand quilted the whole thing and did some beading on it. As you might be able to see I have so many thoughts and ideas come out of my head. I fashioned it after an article by Susan Shie I read in a Quilting Arts Magazine. I really love her work. That's my problem I love so many peoples work. I want to try all these techniques I read about in magazines and blogs. But there is just not enough time in the day to do everything. I really need to retire...but..I really need to work to support all my habits. I guess it's a vicious circle. But that's what life is all about. Learning to manage our time and do the things we need to do...yet have the time..or should I say take the time to do what we love. Oh I love my job..I love the dear elderly people that I work with everyday..but they make me realize more and more everyday that is short and we need to enjoy it to the fullest. I envy those that don't have to punch a clock and can create quilts and fiber arts and be paid to do. Could I ever be so brave to try that ? Do have I the faith and confidence in myself ?..Hmm that is something I need to think about. I have been asked to teach a series of classes on ATC..yet I declined..said I didn't have time..But I really believe it's that I don't have the confidence in myself to do it.

I'm proud of my work and what I do..I need to step in faith that I can do it !! Well for now I have ATC's that are soon due for a upcoming swap, another journal page challenge..and a roundrobbin ATC. I'm also hoping to something published in Quilting Arts...say a prayer.. Well thats all for now..I think I like this blogging..

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Natasha said...

Your page looks great!!! I am so glad you started it. You do not give yourself and your talent enough credit!! Your journal page is beautiful~can't wait to see more.