Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It's new day !!'s been so long since I've posted...and I have been sick almost since that last post..I've been on two doses of antibotics..and I've still got it...sinuitis...upper respitory infection..strept throat.. you name I've had it. I'm sick of being sick. I haven't done much art these days either. Just some knitting of socks...and a little water color pencil drawings of birds.. not good enough to show any of those yet....I have been making the little pincushions for a trade and I sent them off today. I also sent one to my daughter-in-law for being the mother of my grandkids for Mother's Day.

We are going camping this maybe I can do some artsy stuff. I want to make some ATC's for a uncoming trade...I love to make those and I got some really great tiny little buttons from ebay...that I have wanting to use. I left them all up in the camper or I would add a pic. of them. If anyone wants the seller I will pass it along. They came from Thailand..and shipping was very 4.00 for about 2000..I think the whole lot cost me 20 dollars..and shipping was quite fast. There is nowhere around here to buy tiny buttons..that are flower, star,or heart shaped. She even had dragonflies and tiny everygreen trees. Well time for some laundry and a hotbath. I worked 10 hours today so I pooped out. Next week at work its National Nursing Home Week.. I have all sorts of activities planned for the residents, their families and staff. It's a very busy fun filled week..but I always glad when it's over. Take care...

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carole said...

Hi Judy:
My name is carole and I came across your blog; I love your cross dressing lil dog : ) Looks like he is dancing : )
I am just coming back from not blogging since December 2007 (yikes) and now I am have hardly any friends left : (
So, I am out to make new ones : )
I like the fabric hair curelers too.
Take care